Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mikrotik Tutotials (Hotspot, Multi-Wan and more...)

======== WIFI HOTSPOT TUTORIAL ========

now lets start the WiFi Hotspot Tutorial, lists of what we need.

1. Mikrotik Routerboard (any routerboard)
2. Internet Connection (any source medium)
3. Access Point (WiFi router, Outdoor 2.4ghz Wifi Antenna and etc...)
4. ethernet cable
5. Patience


1. Open Winbox and Open your Routerboard (default ip is or connect to ETH2 or Port2..
(or click search button)

2. Set your ether/interface
ether1 -> wifi
ether2 -> wan

3. Ddd dns
click: Ip > DNS
(note: check "Allow Remote Requests" this is to allow the remote request)

4. Now we will add hotspot dhcp server
click: Ip > Dhcp Server

click Networks tab

5. Next is to add "Hotspot User Profile"
click: Ip > Hotspot > User Profile

6. Next to add is "Hotspot Server Profile"
click: Server Profile Tab

7. And then lets add our "Hotspot Server"
click: Servers Tab

8. For clients to access our hotspot we need to add users details
click: Users Tab

9. And then lets add a Route to our hotspot gateway
click: IP > Route

10. and lastly you will need your antenna to be set as AP mode. now you can start selling voucher tickets


First we must label our ether/interface fields

(my example)
WAN1 =
WAN2 =

$ assuming you have already configured LAN address, lets continue on configuring our 2 internet connections.

$ This is how we setup our routing using ECMP gateway with check gateway. We are doing load-balancing combination with "per-source(src) - destination(dst)" , it may also be explained as "persistent per-connection load balancing".

$ We are now going to configure our Mangling rules to mark and route both internet source which is wan1 and wan2
click: Ip > Firewall > Mangle Tab

configurations for wan1:
marking wan1 connections

routing wan1 connections

configurations for wan2
marking wan2 connections

routing wan2 connections

$ let us now add routing rules for both wan1 and wan2 which we added earlier in ip>firewall>mangle.
click: Ip > Routes

routing configurations for wan1

routing configurations for wan2

======== VIDEOS ========

WiFi Hotspot Videos:

my coin operated wifi hotspot vending machine (Project Coin)

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NEW! Unlimited Clash of Clans Promo for WiFi Hotspot Operators!

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