Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Most Effective Guide To Indexing Backlinks With A Backlink Indexer

If you hurting to index backlinks speedily and easily later you are in luck, because today I am going to put-on you which backlink indexer strategies actually put-on.
Getting your backlinks indexed is necessary to the act of any partner building disquiet.
There is no object creating partners if Google doesnt index them you are just wasting your epoch, energy and money.
Indexing backlinks used to be a lot easier than it is today, we could just ping them or create RSS feeds and submit them to RSS directories.
That was intensely involved a couple of years ago  but what approximately now? What is the best quirk to index your backlinks?

My Backlink Indexer Case Study

To locate out what is the most bustling habit to index backlinks I decided to setup a test to accomplish the results of vary backlink indexer approaches.
I created 5,000 connections across 5 cut off projects in GSA Search Engine Ranker building partners to a dummy site using article directories, social bookmarks, wikis & web 2.0s.
I used Kontent Machine subsequent to the worst doable assimilation of settings to purposely generate the worst possible auto generated spun content you have ever seen.
The type of content people official avowal is impossible to index and meaningless in membership building.
So when each of the 5 projects had 1,000 verified connections  I moved onto indexing them taking into account interchange methods & facilities.

Ping Farm

PingFarm is a free indexing service that a lot of people in forums swear by. In essence all it does is ping your backlinks and nothing more.
This is one of the oldest methods in the book that died off years ago but its still a tool many use.


The Indexification guys basically create short URL’s of your links, ping them, create & submit RSS feeds, create & ping sitemaps and also create & ping content pages with your links on.
They guarantee that Google will at least crawl every single link you submit to them. You can submit 50,000 links per day for $17.97 month.


The Lindexed service works in pretty much exactly the same way as Indexification. They use the same indexing methods except they have a unique feature called PingCloud.
However it does cost slightly more at $24.97 a month to process 50,000 links per day.


The OneHourIndexing team do not reveal the methods they use to index your links. All I know is that they use ‘secret techniques’ that ‘is not pinging, rss or link building’.
However these secret techniques come at a greater cost – $17 to process 1,000 links per day or $47 / 10,000 per day or $97 / 30,000 per day.

Control Group

The 5th project I created with GSA was a control group of links. These links will not be submitted to any indexing service or pinged in any way, shape or form.
This will give us a benchmark to measure the other services against to see if indexing services do actually work or not.

Link Indexing Case Study Results

Remember each of the 4 facilities and counsel project above had a set of 1,000 verified links each created using the utter worst air content I could generate.
I submitted each set of connections into their respective indexing facilities and subsequently index checked the links daily using Scrapebox for 15 days.
Quite often Scrapebox reports friends arent indexed but gone you check yourself, they are. To avoid this I ran a double adding going on index check every one of hours of daylight double checking if connections are indexed or not.

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