Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monkey Virus Remover Tool Ghost Push Killer v2.0

Problem:- Application install automatically in my android device.
Yes, If your mobile is also installed any application without your permission then
this post is for you. This may happened due to malware which was also termed as
Ghost Push Malware. Developed by Chinese Hackers, the main motive of this malware
is to installing apps without users permission and then earning money by doing so.
The main problem is that it is so irritating as lots of pop-ups and advertisement also
appear in the screen due to this malware. To do so, they may take full privileges of the
mobile and it may happen that they may use any of your personal information without your permission

It`s a trending topic about android phones. This affects 75% of the users now a days and its a
serious problem.

This unwanted and annoying app is always shown in the recent and cannot be remove easily
even on factory reset or uninstall in the setting.


Be assure that your mobile is rooted before proceeding.

Connect your android phones/tablet
Be sure USB Debugging is enabled
Click Virus Scanner and click Kill Ghost push
Thats it!!!! 
Dont panic if your CP restarting after doin this.



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