Wednesday, May 4, 2016


To remove this virus you need to install busybox, Terminal emulator, Root explorer pro and you must have Supersu not superuser which is installed by Kingoroot. If you have rooted your device with kingoroot, so you need to change that.

Here is how to change that:
Google this: how to get ride and replace kinguser with supersu app (Follow first zidroid link)

I'm not able to submit links so im going to write the exact apps with developer names to download from Playstore.

Busybox Installer by JRummy Apps Inc.
Terminal Emulator by Jack Palevich
Root Explorer Pro by Speed Software

Once you have installed everything here is what to do in steps:
[Note: USB DEBUGGING MUST BE ENABLED Turn on Usb Debugging by going to settings> developer options> Usb debugging]

1) Turn off wifi/3G/4G, and then go to settings> apps> all> disable time service and monkey test. (If already frozen via titanium backup or other app) skip this.

2) Open Root explorer go to system/xbin and see if there is any file starting with a dot (eg: .ext.base) also note that every (.) file has diff permission then the rest of other files. So just remember those files with dots because those are the one that you're going to remove in terminal emulator.

3) Go back to system and then go to Priv-app folder and look for these two files
[1] cameraupdate.apk [2] providerCertificate.apk and also notice permission of these two files are different then the rest of Apks so these two are the base of MT TS virus and needs to be deleted.

4) Open Terminal Emulator OR if you have access to your device via adb from a computer.


adb devices (Type this line if you're using adb Windows)
adb shell
mount -o remount,rw /system
cd system/priv-app
chattr -iaA providerCertificate.apk
rm providerCertificate.apk
chattr -aA cameraupdate.apk
rm cameraupdate.apk
cd ..
cd system/xbin
chattr -iaA .b
rm .b
chattr -iaA .ext.base
rm .ext.base
chattr -iaA .sys.apk
rm .sys.apk
[NOTE: If you are using older version than KK you need not to type priv-app just type cd system/app]

6) Please make sure you type the file name correctly just as providerCertificate C is capital otherwise permission wont change.

7) Exit Emulator/ADB

8) Go to settings> apps> all> send me the screenshot if you have Monkey test or Time Service there

9) I'm 100% sure if you've followed everything as I mentioned you are good as new and you don't need to flash.

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